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Heyyyyyyyyy! Sorry I haven't written, I have been very, very busy. Well today I will be talking about Sensory Processing Disorder. My little brother Bubby is getting checked to see if he has it. Do you know what Sensory Processing Disorder is? Well he gets frustrated because he can't talk and he has no way to say what he wants because of a speech delay. He also can't understand language that well. We are still waiting on the results for SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). So people with SPD process things differently than the average human. They process things differently through their 5 senses - sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste. As a result they get extremely stressed and can't focus. Sometimes getting extremely stressed causes them to be destructive or act out.

Anyway right now Bubby gets speech and behavioral therapy. My family is making him a therapy room. It will have a swing, lots of toys, and a cute broccoli toy holder. Ohh yeah it will also have a ball pit. I'm actually very excited! A room for Bubby! That will be awesome!! :-) Anyway I have to wrap up my blog! :-( Love you all!

                                                I will keep you updated on the results of Bubby! Bye!!


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