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Have you ever got bullied? Well, I have. Getting bullied is a horrible experience and sadly I have to share it with you. I was bullied this year at school on the bus. 3 boys bullied me because I felt sick and fell asleep. They called me sleepy head, baby, and they called me nose picker (but I'm not). I told them to stop but they didn't. When I told them to stop they said " Or what?" I thought of saying "I'm gonna get you back for this." but, I didn't. Another way someone bullied me  is when one of my classmates laughed at me for not being able to swim (but I learned last month). He called me baby but, my friends  "Lyla" and "Rose" stood up for me. They told him it wasn't nice and to stop. Later I thanked them and they said no problem. I have a strong dislike for bullying. When someone bullies me I go bonkers! Then, I say "Stop bulling me it isn't nice." Once I stood up for my friend "Aly". When we were playing, some 5th graders went up to "Aly" and started making fun of her. Then I stood up for her and said " Stop "Aly" doesn't like it. Bullying isn't nice." Then the 5th graders walked away. "Aly" thanked me. So if you see someone getting bullied, like me stand up for the person. 
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7/20/2012 14:27:21

Hey Nala!
I sorta know your mom, and she's so proud of you!!! :) Great blog, hope your having fun with it! Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday!! :D

Mary S.
7/21/2012 12:35:31

Hey Napa great stories and examples of what you should do if you see someone being bullied. I was bullied a bit as a kid and wish there were kids like you spreading the word. I hope you keep writing!


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