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Racism has been around for more years than you can imagine. Why hasn't it stopped? Some people don't take minority people to work for them. Same with some people except he/she is racist about religion (like Jewish or Muslim). People try to stop racism but it isn't working. I wonder why? People should know racism is bad and not do it. These days people are very mean to one another. Ever since the beggining of mankind we have been made the same inside no matter what we look on the outside. Does it really matter what we belive in or what we look like?

When my family goes to some parts down south we are almost last to get served at restaurants and people give mom dirty looks. Do you know why? It's because they think mom should have married a white person (since she's white) and my dad should have married an asian person (since he's asian). They also think my brother and I shouldn't be here because we are mixed. One person even said to my mom "I don't understand why people can't just stay with there own kind - no offense." stating my parents shouldn't have married each other. I have to wrap up now so, since you have heard what racism is and a real life example think, wouldn't it be boring if everyone and everything was the same.

                     Bye! P.S. why haven't you been reading my blog? I'm a goof ball!

7/11/2012 03:15:39 pm

"Nala", I'm so proud of you and your blog! And I'm really happy to see that my lil sista is trying to make a difference in the world. I believe in you, girly!

7/12/2012 07:50:42 am

Thanks Lexa! Love you "sister"! Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala

Aunt Teri
7/11/2012 05:14:43 pm

I'm enjoying reading your blogging, little one!

7/12/2012 07:58:44 am

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Tita Froggy
7/23/2012 07:02:00 am

Fear and hatred has to be taought. I am so happy that your grand parents taught your parents Love and tollerence. You are so important to this world! I am glad God is an artist that loves veriety. I love you and you still blow my mind!


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