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During winter break on my grandma’s T.V. I found out that tropical storm Sendong had damaged parts of the Philippines. At
that instant I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t bear to see people like that. If that were me I would have wanted people to do something. So I did something.

I made up a project to collect clothes! I called it project Lots of Compassion. I told my teacher about it and he said it was a
great idea. I initially wanted only my class to collect clothes. But, my teacher wanted to make it a 3rd and 4thgrade project. Then my teacher asked the principal. My principal allowed me to make it a 3rd and 4th grade project. So, my teacher and my principal made flyers to go in the children’s mailboxes to take home and show their parents. In the end we packed 6 giant boxes full of clothes. So here is the website of the foundation that we sent clothes to:

Well, goodbye!

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