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HI!!! I'm Nala (Nala is my pen name because my mom is crazy (in a good way) and won't let me write my real name). I am 8 turning nine in a month!!! I love to read!!! I am currently reading Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. But, before I really start my blog I need to tell you more about myself. Well....

I live in my house with my mom, dad, and my little brother! My little brother is nicknamed Chubby Chubster the Chubless Boy because his face is very cute and chubby but the rest of his body became skinny after he started walking. Sometimes I just call him Chubster or Bubby. Anyway I also have a cat named Cinderella. Hey..... anybody want a cat? I want a dog but I have a cat!! :)

If you have heard of or about a country called the Philippines give yourself a pat on the back. My dad is from the Philippines. It is very close to the equator. Some of my family still lives there. I have never gone to the Philippines but I am going in 2014. I am told there is a place there called Jollibee there that have some unusual fast food items like spaghetti, hash brown burger, pancake and hot dog, and crispy milkfish and rice. If you want to see the full menu go to:

Fun Facts
-Guess what!! I caught my brother when he came out. It may sound disgusting but it was actually fun.
-I'm a lefty! :)
-When I learned how to write sometimes my writing would be completely in mirror image. (You could read it correctly if you held it up to a mirror)
- I learned to talk at 6.5 months old but I learned how to walk at 18 months! :)
- Give me an hour with a sheet of lyrics and I'll have it memorized! (a lot)

Sarah H
6/18/2012 11:42:38 pm

Hey Nala! Great first blog! Hehe! I enjoyed it tons! Hope to hear lots more, because you're a great writer girl! That's way interesting about fast food in the Philipines!

6/19/2012 12:31:13 pm

Thanks Sarah! I really like your comment! Today I wrote a story about cloth diapers so I hope you enjoy it!! :)

6/20/2012 04:45:23 am

Hey, just curious, did you really learn to talk at 6.5 years or did you mean months? Either way, your blog is great! Keep it up!

6/20/2012 05:11:17 am

sorry I'll fix that.

6/20/2012 07:59:15 am

:) Someone else commented on it and I wanted to make sure they didn't think you were "behind" because you seem like a very smart girl!

6/20/2012 07:55:22 am

You sound like a very smart girl. I bet you are lots of fun to be around! I think it's so cool that you caught your baby brother. I never saw a birth until I had my own baby. I love to travel, but I have never been to the Phillipines. The farthest I have traveled is Australia. The plane ride was 14 hours, but it was worth it because I got to hold a koala. :)


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