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This is "Nala's Mom" here. She had a really great blog post written but unfortunately it was deleted due to some sort of technical error. Nala was quite upset so I am going to do a quick update for her.

First, she was playing with some beads that came off her necklace while lying down. Gravity and a one in a million chance combined to land a bead in her ear. When she went to retrieve the bead it pressed further down into her ear. Moral of the story - don't play with beads while lying down! A trip to the ER was both painful and unsuccessful at removing the bead. They even tried sedating her with a medicine that induces “twilight sleep”.  I know what you may be thinking "twilight sleep", she suddenly turns into a teenage vampire filled with angst and begins to fights werewolves... nope she just became loopy and semi-asleep. But I also discovered something cool.  It also acts as truth serum. For example, I always thought Nala's favorite drink was root beer but it is actually orange Fanta! I asked her about her favorite food... sushi and "chick, chick, chicken, chicken, chicken". I knew this but it was funny to hear her say it. Also confirmed, her favorite talk show is "Ellen". Does Daddy take you anywhere & then not tell Mommy? "Yes, sometimes to get a frappe or candy. Then, don't tell Mommy we were ever here!" I said, "Oh really? Does he take you anywhere else?" And she said, "YES! Hosssssss, hossssss, hospitals, hospitals, hospitals!" At which point I just cracked up because she was falling back asleep and I don't think she knew what she was saying. So, maybe it isn’t 100% accurate as truth serum.

So, today after a very expensive co-pay (dang, kids are expensive) she had to be completely sedated (as in 100% asleep) to have the bead removed. It is finally OUT!!! Her ear feels much better and we have some drops to put in it for a week. That is all. I am sure she will update on the next exciting thing in her life and hopefully no more computer errors!  Bye!   - Nala's Mom (guest writer)

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